Why Visiting the Dentist is Important for Children

Children’s dental appointments serve three basic functions:

  • Early detection of oral health issues. If we can identify an issue early, we can provide a minimally invasive treatment plan. For instance, if we locate the initial stage of tooth decay, called demineralization, we can treat that with fluoride and a sealant to protect and nurture the tooth.
  • Patient education. Although you have taught your child to brush and floss, we can help them refine their technique in a fun learning environment. We have visual aides to help make oral health come alive for our younger patients.
  • Setting the stage for good oral health throughout the lifetime. When you bring your child in for regular visit, he becomes accustomed to receiving professional dental care. As your child grows into maturity, he will carry the lesson you taught him – that visiting the dentist can keep him healthy and looking and feeling good – throughout his life.